Everything you can imagine is real.

-Pablo Picasso

Every creation begins with one idea.  Our story began in the year 2011 with a young artist inspired by the creativity of those around her. A visit to Otakon, a local anime convention in Baltimore, MD, brought forward her interest in costuming.  That Halloween, the first Gold Ribbon Studio costume was born.  That costume brought forth a passion, one that could never be snuffed out.

Rebecca "Bex" Williams is that artist.  Bex has loved animals as long as she has been around them, and as long as she could draw, she's been creating characters.  Crafting and designing are her two favorite things, and have been even before finding out about the wonderful community of people who build costumes.  After she made her way into the Baltimore convention center that fateful day, which also happened to be her 14th birthday, her eyes were filled with visions of costumes far and wide.  The one that caught her eye the most, however, was a set of Pokemon mascots, which led her to a panel about how they were created.  This panel sparked the passion that still burns to this day.

Bex has been creating costumes since that time when she began Aeon the wolf shortly after the convention.  After that came Hana, who, after many iterations, remains the main character representing Bex's personality.  More and more costumes kept coming and still do.  We want to share this passion for creating fun, colorful, expressive creature costumes with you, and bring your character to life.

Our Artist

The mind behind the costumes

Rebecca "Bex" Williams

Also known as jolteonkitty