Costume Prices


Starting at $400

Each head is super adorable and filled with personality.  They are all-foam and super lightweight.  They have plastic teeth and a plush fleece tongue, and a fleece nose.  The eyes are made of plastic and chiffon. 

Our heads are lined with spandex and built to fit nice and snug on you and slip right over your face.  All that is required is a measurement of the widest part of your head.

Image coming soon!


Starting at $650

Each partial costume comes with a head, hands, feet, and a tail.  On request we can also make arm sleeves and/or leg sleeves, or remove the feet for a small discount.

The requirements for a partial suit are a head measurement, a foot tracing, a hand tracing, if you're getting arm sleeves the length and circumference of the widest part of your arm, and if you're getting leg sleeves then the length you want them and the circumference of the widest part of your calves, though you could also send in a duct tape dummy of your arm/leg.

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3/4 Suit

Starting at $800

A 3/4 suit comes with the components of a partial but sleeves and either a shirt or a pair of pants are included in the price.  (you can't see it in the picture but the pants go all the way to the model's waist)  The tail can either connect to the pants or be detached. If you get a shirt then the tail will always be detached.

A full duct tape dummy is required for these suits.  Also required is a head measurement, a hand tracing, and a foot tracing.

Full Suit

Starting at $900

Full costumes are the best.  They include everything to bring your character to life.  A head, hands, tail, feet, and a bodysuit.  They have a zipper in the front so that you can get into the suit on your own, and the tail can either be attached (recommended for bigger tails) or detached so you can also wear your suit as a partial.

A full duct tape dummy is required for these suits.  Also required is a head measurement, a hand tracing, and a foot tracing.

Padded Full Suit

Starting at $1100

All the bells and whistles of a full suit, but this kind has padding to create a more animal-like shape illusion!  The padding is made with pillows inserted into the leg for easy removal to make washing and storing the suits lighter on you.

All the same requirements of a plantigrade full suit apply!

(Photo by Directionless on FurAffinity)

Costume Parts

Tails - $50+

A nice, quality tail that matches your character or comes in the colors of your choice.

Price will rise according to complexity and how big you want your tail.  it can be as small as a bunny or it can drag on the floor behind you!

Smaller tails can be below $50!

Hands - $55+

Either basic 5-fingered paw gloves or big padded 4-fingered paws.  Options for claws and paw pads include, but are not limited to fleece paw pads and fleece claws, or silicone paw pads and resin claws from Dream Vision Creations.

Even though they are typically one-size-fits-all, it is still a requirement for a hand tracing to be sent in, just to be safe.

Feet - $120+

A set of paw shoes that have a cuff that can go from the ankle (basic) or all the way to the knee if you want.  Options for claws are fleece, or resin claws from Dream Vision Creations.

These can be either normal or digitigrade (illusion of standing on your toes)

Any sort of feetpaws require a tracing of your foot.  Our feetpaws are light and go on like a slipper!