Costume Prices

HEAD - $600+

Each head is super adorable and filled with personality.  They are all-foam and super lightweight.  They have plastic or plush teeth and a plush tongue and nose.  The eyes are big and wide to minimize blind spots.  Our heads are fully lined and built to fit nice and snug on you and slip right over your face. 

All that is required is a measurement of the widest part of your head.

Removable eyelids: $25 per set
Removable hair: $50-$250 per wig depending on length and size

PARTIAL - $900+

Each partial costume comes with a head, hands, feet, and a tail.  This type of suit is perfect if you overheat easily or can't quite invest in a full costume yet.  It is also much easier for your character to wear full outfits!  Our artist also recommends partial suits for very expressive performers and those who plan to dance in their suits.

This option requires a head measurement, a tracing of your hand, and your shoe size.


Arm sleeves (for wearing short sleeved shirts): $100+ a pair

Leg sleeves (for wearing shorts): $200+ a pair

Mini wings: $150+ a pair

Large wings: Varies

Neck fluff: $150

FULL SUIT - $1200+

Full costumes include everything to bring your character to life.  A head, hands, tail, feet, and bodysuit.  They have a zipper in the front so that you can get into the suit on your own, and the tail can either be attached (recommended for bigger tails) or detached so you can also wear your suit as a partial.

A full duct tape dummy is required for these suits.  Also required is a head measurement, a hand tracing, and your shoe size.


Mini wings: $150+ a pair

Large wings/arm wings: Varies

Neck fluff: $150

Photo by Lazuli


Want to be the best critter you can be? Well this option has padding in the bodysuit to create a more animal-like shape illusion!  The padding is made with pillows inserted into the leg for easy removal to make washing and storing the suits easy.  Everything is the same as a regular full suit besides the padding.

A full duct tape dummy is required for these suits, as well as how you want your padding. Also required is a head measurement, a hand tracing, and your shoe size. 


Mini wings: $150+ a pair

Large wings/arm wings: Varies

Neck fluff: $150

Extra padding (Muscles, belly, etc.): $150+

Costume Parts


An essential part of any critter costume, a fluffy tail!  These have a strong base with nylon belt loops to stay close and right where the tail should be.  These can have any amount of spikes, feathers, and crazy protrusions you want!

Small - $50+

Anything from a deer to a bear to a bunny!

Medium - $70+

A mid-sized tail like a wolf's!

Large: $120+

The biggest, best tails, like foxes and dragons!


Our artist's personal favorite suit part to make.  The hand paws completely transform your human self into a critter!  Requires a hand tracing.


Plastic claws: $20 per set of 8, $25 per set of 10

Silicone paw pads: $50 a set

Standard - $100+

No padding and unlined, any amount of fingers!

Padded paws - $150+

Super plush and lined with soft spandex!  Four fingers or less.


Feet paws are just the cutest.  Stomping around in them is one of the most fun things!  These paws have sturdy bottoms made for running around both inside and outside, and are as comfy as a slipper!  Requires shoe size.

Plastic claws: $20 per set of 8, $15 per set of 3

Standard - $200+

A simple slipper paw with a sturdy bottom.

Large - $250+

Bigger and rounder shape, more animal.

Specialty/dance - $150+

Built on your favorite kind of shoes!


Already got a partial suit?  We've got you covered (literally)!  Sometimes you want to cover up all your human.  Our bodysuits have a zipper in the front and a carefully stitched hole for your tail to go through.  Requires duct tape dummy.


Extra padding (Muscles, belly, etc.): $150+

Padded Bodysuit - $800+

Comes with removable leg padding and is super comfortable.

Standard bodysuit - $500+

Fitted to you, much more mobility.

We do not offer moving jaws on our heads or detailed bottoms on feet paws.