"Everything you can imagine is real."

Pablo Picasso

Every creation begins with one idea.


These costumes came about as part of the Furry fandom, a group of people who appreciate the concept of animals with human characteristics, which began in the mid-to-late 70s.  This fandom sprouted from the popularity of anthropomorphic (human-like) animals in cartoons, and artists and fanatics alike gathered together at science fiction conventions to share art and characters.  People began making representations of themselves as anthro animals, and this soon led to these mascot-like costumes we call “fursuits.”  


  Our story begins in the year 2011 with a young artist inspired by the creativity of those around her. A visit to Otakon, a local anime convention in Baltimore, MD, brought forward her interest in costuming.  That Halloween, the first Gold Ribbon Studio costume was born.  That costume brought forth a passion, one that could never be snuffed out.


Rebecca "Bex" Williams is that artist.  Bex has loved animals as long as she has been around them, and as long as she could draw, she's been creating characters.  Crafting and designing are her two favorite things, and have been even before finding out about the wonderful community of people who build costumes.  After she made her way into the Baltimore convention center that fateful day, which also happened to be her 14th birthday, her eyes were filled with visions of costumes far and wide.  The one that caught her eye the most, however, was a set of Pokemon suits, which led her to a panel about how they were created.  This panel sparked the passion that still burns to this day.


Bex has been creating costumes since that time when she began Aeon the wolf shortly after the convention.  After that came Hana, who, after many iterations, remains the main character representing Bex's personality.  More and more costumes kept coming and still do.  Each one is built from the ground up with unique patterning and no mass production to be found.  Come join our colorful, unique family!

Meet our Mascots!

Kitten ref.png

Meet Kitten! The happy fluffy kitty who tries her best to help around the studio, but just can't seem to get it right.

Sudsy ref.png

Meet Sudsy! The hairless kitty who is obsessed with making sure everything, everywhere, and everyone is clean.