Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions we are asked very often!  If you do not see your question here, first check the Terms of Service.  If you still do not have the answer you want, feel free to shoot us an email!  More questions will be added as we see fit.

Q: How much is (Insert item here)?


A: Check out our price page!  If you're looking for a specific price, send in a quote.


Q: Do you offer (Item not listed on price page)?


A: Send us an email, we may be able to make what you're looking for.


Q: How long does it take to finish a suit?


A: It takes about 1-2 weeks to finish a head, and around 3-5 weeks to finish a full costume.

Q: Do you refurbish suits?

A: Only if it's originally made by us! If it's made by someone else, we cannot offer that.


Q: I need my costume by a convention/meetup/other event, can you finish it by then?


A: We do not work on deadlines, and cannot guarantee any finishing date.  We can give a general time frame, and try our best to stick to it, but there is no guarantee.


Q: What do I need to give you so you can make my suit?


A: We need a Duct Tape Dummy to make a custom fitted bodysuit, a hand tracing for hand paws, your shoe size/pair of shoes for feet paws, a measurement around the widest part of your head, and how long you want your tail to be.  Arm and leg sleeves have special measurement sheets we will give to fill out.


Q: I'm under 18, can my parent/guardian commission a suit for me?


A: No, because you're still growing.  Once you're 18 years old, feel free to commission us though!


Q: Can you teach me how to make one of these costumes?


A: No, but there are plenty of tutorials available online!  We recommend SkyeHigh Studios tutorials, they're easy to follow and her methods are great for beginners.


Q: Will you make me a suit for free/discounted?


A: No.