Terms of Service

Last update: December 2021

By sending a quote, you agree that you have read these terms fully and thoroughly.



We have a cat!  It is not 100% guaranteed that she will stay out of our work space, so if you are allergic to cats, please consider choosing a different maker.




We do not work with individuals under the age of 18, and we require a government-issued photo id as well as a picture of you holding it to 100% confirm your age.


Please take into consideration that our costumes are one of a kind and hand-made, so some imperfections will be present.  


Individual parts (Hand paws, Tails, etc.) are open all year round and will be completed between big commissions.

 2 or 3 view SAFE FOR WORK artwork is required for most costumes, though if the character is simple enough or it can be based off of a photograph/species (such as a generic red fox), no artwork is required.  If you send us NSFW art to use as reference, unless approved prior, we will refuse your commission without further notice.  Unless you are a previous commissioner, we will not remake a suit exactly as we did in the past.  We will also not refurbish suits from other makers, only by us. "Strategically placed" zippers and other adult modifications are available upon request! Please don't be shy about this, we won't judge!


We are willing to take on artistic liberty commissions, where you give us a species, traits, colors, etc., and our artist designs a costume for you.  These may be offered at discounted rates depending on complexity.


Measurements are required for almost all parts.  A measuring of around your brow is required for heads (Please specify if your hair mass will increase this.).  A hand tracing is required for hand paws.  Shoe size is required for feet paws.  Measurement sheets will be given to be filled out for arm and leg sleeves.


A duct tape dummy (DTD) is required for all full suits and bodysuits.  We cannot build a bodysuit off of measurements alone. A tutorial on how to make a duct tape dummy is located here, courtesy of another wonderful costume maker: 


If your DTD is made incorrectly, we are not responsible for any sizing errors.  Please make your DTD as well as you possibly can.


Occasionally we will make pre-made costumes and designs. If you are purchasing a pre-made item from us, there will be no refunds or exchanges.  For pre-made designs, normal payment terms apply.


Payment and Refunds


If you live in the US states of Pennsylvania or Virginia, you will be charged accordingly for sales tax


Currently, we accept Square and PayPal payments.  Every price on this site is in US dollars.  If you aren't sure about how much a price is in your currency, here is a helpful converter tool!: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/


40% of the price quoted to you is required to be paid up front.  This deposit is non-refundable.  Your costume will not be started until the full payment is in.  Options are to pay everything in full at the beginning, pay the remaining 60% of the price in increments (will be determined based on your quote), or to pay the remaining 60% entirely at a later date.


If you choose to cancel your commission after we have started the suit, you give us permission to modify it to our liking and either keep it for ourselves or sell it, and you are refunded what we can give back to you of the remaining 60% depending on the progress we have made.  for example, if we have not started, you are given the full 60%, but if we are halfway finished, only 30% will be returned.  After the costume is completed, no refunds will be given.


We do not give out discounted or free costumes to any customer.


Deadlines and Progress


We do NOT accept commissions restricted by a deadline! Rushing will severely impact the quality of your suit, so please, don't rush us!  There are NO exceptions to the deadline rule.  We can give approximate deadlines, but depending on life events/conventions, there is no guarantee that they will be met. General completion time is 6 months after your final payment, but may be shorter or longer depending.


We will periodically send work in progress images to you during the process of making your suit, so if you see an error, do not be afraid to tell us!  We won't be upset.  If you do not point out anything wrong in WIP images, it is not our fault if there is an error.  After every day we work on a suit, WIP images will be posted on instagram, facebook, telegram, and twitter, so please tell us if you don't want your suit's WIP images posted!  We will be glad to oblige. 


During the construction period, we ask that you please be kind.  If you are mean or insulting towards us, we reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service without refund.  This also goes towards inappropriate or sexual talk.  This makes our artist very uncomfortable, so please, do not talk this way. Please behave in an appropriate and at least semi-professional tone.


If you are curious about the progress of your commission, please do not hesitate to ask!  We will happily answer.  but please, only ask this if you have not seen or heard anything from our social media or personally.  Constant or daily questions about commission progress may lead to your suit being delayed or your inquiries being ignored.


Shipping and Repairs

All shipments will be sent with USPS or UPS, depending on the cost.  If something needs to be rush shipped, the cost will increase.  Please be aware that these suits are very large and shipping can be upwards of $50 in some cases.  International shipping and customs fees are likely to be upwards of $150, so please do not be alarmed and be prepared to pay massive shipping prices if you are an international customer.  We do not cover customs fees.


Every suit comes with a 6 month warranty (from the date you received your suit), so if a major part needs repairing and it is our fault (missed stitches, forgotten markings, easily popped seams, etc.) we will repair it as long as you cover shipping to us.  We will cover shipping back to you.  

incorrect measurements or unclear reference sheets can create issues, and anything caused by this is not our fault, and will need to be paid for.  Damage associated with normal wear and tear or inadequate care is not covered.  If you are not sure if something is covered, just ask us.  Any modifications to your suit not done by us will immediately void your warranty.  please clean your suit (if it has been worn) before sending it back to us for repairs, or else you will be charged a $50 washing fee.


After your warranty is up, you may still contact us for repairs, but it will cost.  We can refurbish entire suits we have made in the past for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.  Just send it back to us and we will fix it however you desire.



Think you're ready?  Head over to our quote page and send one in!  We will get back to you within a day or two!